…Because compared to disposable plastic – Jute is the obvious and ONLY choice




 Love Jute, Live Happily Λ Ever After….


 Show your businesses’ environmental commitment in great pride and style!

  • goodEarth Bags’  lowest price guarantee makes it easy on the budget to switch to 100% jute
  • Unique / Rare items such as Clear-top Gift Box; Collapsible Boxes S,M,L; Colorful-bordered Gift Pouches, customized items –  ALL available at easily affordable prices
  • There are numerous utilities of goodEarth Bags. From chic to rustic, they add perfect compliments to every decor and style. They are ideal for all-purpose shopping,  beach picnics, gift bags/baskets;  just as they are excellent for special events, promotional giveaways, door-prizes, etc. 

  • Elegant, well-made, durable, versatile, recyclable, and ultimately biodegradable items offered by goodEarth Bags are a must-have for the modern, eco-conscious consumers, not only for their affordability, but also for their elegance, simplicity, style and practicality

  •  100% jute goodEarth Bags do not require pesticides or fertilizers for planting and processing; making them both inexpensive and environmentally sustainable.