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Back to Los Angeles once again!!

This time at  LA Mart/”The Reef”/ Temps ON 2 / BOOTH# 418.

A super cool venue with a lot more stuff, Plus FREE shipping for ALL on-site orders!


Can’t wait to see you all. 

A bit of a good news in the plastic bag front! Just this week I found in my favorite grocery stores, the compostable produce bags! The texture of the bags are different than that of the regular plastic produce bags that I dread to use. The greenish tint bags look like plastic but has a softer texture. They are supposed to fully compost in 180 days.

It goes without saying that I  was very pleasantly surprised. This is great news indeed! But as good as the arrival and widespread use of these bags are, and potentially would be, they are still single use, synthetic products. The natural jute produce bags are still a superior choice both in value and utility. They are fully washable after each use. The price is highly competitive. The produce stay fresh longer on the counter top or in the fridge in the natural jute sacks. Best of all, they have multipurpose usage as small gift totes, keepsake bags, party favor bags, storage sacks for small items (like nails) etc.

No product in the market can match jute’s versatility, and value!


Every Day Is Earth Day

Kudos to NY!

Ocean Pollution-Solution

Mothers Day or Any Occasion Foldable! Gift Boxes

Fold-able Gift Box with Velcro Closure Lid. Versatile utility as storage box, gift basket, planter, etc.
Suggested wrap is tulle or chifon.
goodEarth Exclusive-Not available elsewhere

Suggested/Recommended wrapping is tulle, muslin, Chifon etc.

The terrible fire in Napa-Sonoma Wine Country last August (2017) devastated us all. But the incredible resilience of people in the region, and in all of California, came through once again.

Once again we rise together; and together we always shall overcome challenges, however large, in whatever shape and form they present themselves.

Come celebrate with us this Spring (March), in incredibly beautiful Santa Rosa! Absolutely looking forward to seeing YOU here!

Climate change and US

So we, US, are out of the Paris Accord. What does it mean? Here is my take:

There has been no better time than now to seriously take on the challenge of turning our planet healthier, with cleaner air, greener forests, and unpolluted oceans!

Almost immediately after the decision was announced, all the political hue and cry aside, one thing became absolutely certain that this one decision will not derail substantive global effort/progress toward a healthier environment. If anything, US decision to pull out of Paris Accord brought into intense focus how we are in universal agreement that climate change is an existential threat to humanity. Numerous major corporations (YES, all the largest for-profit entities!), join forces with citizens of the entire planet, in their commitment to reduce/reverse the damage that’s been inflicted upon the Good Earth.

‘ commitment, however small it may be, to be a part of the global effort toward sustainable consumption, which is an important component to rein in the effects of climate change, remain steadfast- now more than ever!

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